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Xiamen Xinergy Microelectronic

Xiamen Xinergy Microelectronics Co., Ltd.


1、Company Profile

Xiamen Xinergy Microelectrionics Co., Ltd. is a professional design company specializing in motor control and power management. The company was established in February 2018 with a registered capital of ¥60 million yuan. The headquarters is located in Torch Plaza, Torch High-tech District, Xiamen City, with branches and subsidiaries in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and a regional office in Hsinchu, Taiwan.


2、Organization and Scale

The company has four R&D departments, which are responsible for discrete part development, power integrated circuit development, intelligent power module product development, and motor drive system development, and specialize in the design, layout, and testing of product development. At the same time, the company has set up marketing business department, operation department, HR & administration department, finance department and other functional departments to effectively guarantee the efficient, reliable and stable operation of the company's product.



As of June 2020, the company has 37 regular employees. The team's technology includes analog circuits, various power devices, intelligent power modules, and motor drive systems. Each key member has accumulated more than 20 years of professional experience, which is sufficient for the development of most products.

The company’s advantages are as follows:

(1) The company has rich professional experience and a solid technical foundation from components to systems;

(2) Each project in Xiamen Tungsten Electromechanical Industrial Park provides a product system verification platform to take advantage of the first market;

(3) Abundant capital, no worries;

(4) A professional design company can flexibly develop products without heavy asset burden and pressure of manufacturing;

(5) Government supports the chip design industry and provides various incentives and preferential measures.

3、Product Development and Status

The company's product series includes:

(1) Power device (IGBT, silicon carbide diode/MOS tube, gallium nitride device);

(2) Power integrated circuit (high-voltage gate drive IC);

(3) Power module (intelligent power module (IPM), IGBT power module (PIM), silicon carbide hybrid power module);

(4) Motor driver (1KW~100KW).

The company's products are mainly used in industrial park projects, the vast domestic household appliances and industrial application markets. Among them, industrial park projects include:

(1) Aerators;

(2) Industrial energy-saving motors (air compressors, water pumps, fans, etc.);

(3) New energy vehicles (power systems, energy storage systems, charging piles, on-board chargers);

(4) Servo and intelligent equipment (machine tools, mechanical arms, industrial robots).

The household appliance market includes air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, range hood, booster pump and other appliances.

As of June 2020, the company has launched more than ten kinds of products and signed 10 entrusted development cases. It is expected to generate gross revenue about RMB10 million yuan this year. In addition, the company has applied for 12 patents, and its existing technology is at a relatively advanced level in the industry:

 (1) Semiconductor device part: benchmarking Infineon's fourth-generation FS Trench IGBT, only 3 to 4 manufacturers in China started to launch such products.

(2) High voltage gate drive chip part: benchmarking Infineon and Texas Instruments products, only 4 foreign manufacturers can provide the products, and there is no such product in China.

(3) Power module part: IGBT PIM benchmarks Infineon and ST products. Only a few domestic companies produce IGBT IPM benchmarking IR products. Except for Silan Microelectronics, there is no mass production in the country.

(4) Driver part of DC brushless motor: 10W-7.5KW inductive and non-inductive schemes have been developed. At present, the company has signed a contract with Situo Servo of Xiamen Tungsten Group to provide nearly 5000 sets of industrial and commercial fan control systems worth RMB 3 million yuan, and has signed commissioned development contracts with several manufacturers to provide motor drive solutions for feeders, oxygen generators, range hoods, fans and cooling systems in the data center.

Address: Room 606, North Building of Torch Plaza, No.56-58, Torch Road, Torch Park, Torch High-tech Zone, Xiamen City







Business Dept.:0514-85338666

HR Dept.: 0514-85338517

Address: Industrial Park, Dinghuo Town, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou, Jiangsu 225234, China


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