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Gansu Hengya Cement Co., Ltd.

Gansu Hengya Cement Co., Ltd.


Gansu Hengya Cement Co., Ltd. was founded on October 21st, 2010, with registered capital of CNY 300 million, and is located in the Industrial Park of Akesai County, Jiuquan City, Gansu Province, covering an area of more than 533,000m2. Hengya Cement builds two clinker cement production lines each having a daily capacity of 2,500 tons constructed by and with a total investment of CNY 1 billion from Hengyuan International Engineering Group Co., Ltd. The first line was successfully put into production in November, 2013; and the second cement production line has been completed by the end of August 2015 for production. The company can realize an annual production of 1.5 million tons of clinker, and high-grade and quality cement of 2 million tons, annual power generation of above 60 million kWh, annual transportation volume of over 5 million tons, and create jobs for over 700 persons. For now, Hengya Cement has already employed and trained 600 persons for different types of work, of which 200 are recruited from local in Aksai County. At present, Gansu Hengya Logistics Co., Ltd. and Gansu Hengya Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. have been established under the company.



Address: Industrial Park, Akesai County,J iuquan City, Gansu Province, P.R.China

Sales Tel:0937-8328328

Service Tel: 0937-8328865




Hengya Cement adopts the state-of-art preheating & precalcinating cement production technology. Adhering to the philosophy of “expanding production scale, improving production efficiency, decreasing material and energy consumption, as well as enhancing environmental protection function”, the company has set up 2×4.5 mw pure low temperature waste heat recovery power system and a low nitrogen combustion denitration project as supporting facilities. Hengya Cement provides a variety of cement: general cement — ordinary Portland Cement, compound Portland Cement and ordinary Portland Cement (low alkali), retarded cement; special cement —moderate and high sulfate-resistant cement, road cement, moderate and low heat Portland Cement, grade G high & moderate resistant (oil well cement), as well as nuclear power cement, etc. The company not only occupies the cement market in neighboring areas, but also reaches other areas in Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Tibet and Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan.

Hengya Cement will firmly build and implement the new development concept of “innovation, coordination, green, openness and development", and make efforts to push forward structural reform on the part of supply. Since put into production, the company has successively certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, and GB/T28001, and has been entitled as a “leading enterprise” in non-public sector in Jiuquan city, an enterprise of “good quality and credibility” in Gansu province, and “pioneer working enterprise in Gansu province”, etc.

While building unremittingly the harmony between man and man, man and nature, Hengya Cement centers on scientific and technological innovation, depends on talent cultivation, and has been improving its own quality in an all-round way as well. Adhering to the corporate culture of “Persistency, Reality, Sincerity, Humanity” and the business philosophy of “Honesty, Professionalism, Integrity, Mutual-Benefit”, Hengya Cement is committed to contributing to the society with high quality and ever-improving products, and growing together with the society for a better future.



Business Dept.:0514-85338666

HR Dept.: 0514-85338517

Address: Industrial Park, Dinghuo Town, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou, Jiangsu 225234, China


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