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Uzbekistan Hengyuan Cement (Jo

Uzbekistan Hengyuan Cement (Joint Venture) Co., Ltd.


Uzbekstan Hengyuan Cement (joint venture) Co., Ltd., which is promoted by Gansu    Hengya Cement Co., Ltd, and jointly founded with Uzbekstan Zamon Injiniring.

The proposed plant is located in Kattaqurghon, Samarkand, in central and southern Uzbekistan, about 386 kilometers from the capital city Tashkent, about 6 kilometers from Kattaqurghon, and about 10 kilometers from the quarry. The roads can meet the needs of cement plant construction and production, and transportation is very convenient. It includes a new 7500t / d clinker new dry process cement production line, with an annual operation period of 325 days, an annual output of 2.7 million tons of clinker and an annual output of 4 million tons of cement. It will mainly produce 1.6 million tons of PC32.5 cement, 400,000 tons of retarded 32.5 cement, 1.5 million tons of PO42.5 cement, 200,000 tons of PO52.5 cement, 150,000 tons of P.MH42.5 1, and 150,000 tons of PHSR 42.5.  The ratio of bagged cement to bulk cement is 40%: 60%. At present, all cement is considered to be shipped by automobile. In the later stage, considering the development of the enterprise and the expansion of the sales radius, it is considered to add the railway transportation.


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Address: Industrial Park, Dinghuo Town, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou, Jiangsu 225234, China


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