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“Spring Breeze Action” Centralized Publicity of Implementing Responsibilities of Safety Production Bodies

In order to implement the work requirements of safety production, further strengthen the safety production publicity work, continuously improve the safety awareness of the enterprise, and actively promote the deep development of safety production work, on the morning of April 28th, the Safety Supervision Station from Dinghuo Town organized a concentrated publicity activity of “Spring Breeze Action", HY’s leaders and front-line employees participated in this activity.

Will to make changes, Love to show truth

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic suddenly swept across the country, and the epidemic prevention materials were in short supply. Mr. Xu huilong, the chairman of the company said “At present, the domestic epidemic prevention materials are in short supply. As an enterprise has overseas cooperation, we are bound to contribute to fight against the epidemic. After the breakout of the epidemic, he issued instructions and suggestions to the overseas project department immediately

2019 Guandan Poker Game Held in HY Group

On December 25th, the annual Guandan porker game of Hengyuan Group began on the Christmas Day in the West. The game was full of charm and attracted large numbers of employees to apply, and soon 30 groups of employees have successfully singed up. All the participants were enthusiastic and motivated due to the elegant prizes prepared by the company.

Tenth HY Autumn Games Successfully Held

The tug-of-war competition was first carried out as a traditional project. When the whistle of the competition sounded, I saw that the participating players clasped the long rope and struggled to pull back. During the competition, the players from all departments worked hard, and the atmosphere was extremely intense, both on and off the competition field. The persons of the on-site cheerleaders were enthusiastic, and the company's leaders also helped out next to the team. The cheering added a touch of color to the game and the shouting brought a force. After hard work, the M4 Workshop and the Team-1 of Production Second-line respectively won the first place.

Gasifier of Mongolian MAK Lime Plant Project Successfully Ignited

At 12 o'clock on October 15th, the Mongolian MAK lime plant project ushered in the long-awaited gasifier ignition ceremony, which General Manager Chen Zhigang of HY Engineering Division I was invited to participate in.

New Version of "ISO Management System" Standard Training Course Successful Held in HY

From July 27 to 28, 2019, our company held a standard training course of new quality management system ISO9001:2015, environmental management system ISO14001:2015, occupational health and safety management system ISO45001:2018, and quality management regulations for engineering construction enterprises of the administrative building GB/T50430-2017 in the 81002 multi-function hall. A total number of 67 leaders and key employees of the company's various systems participated in the training.

Official Establishment of Henyuan Running Team & Successful Completion of the Opening Ceremony

Henyuan running team was officially established and the launch ceremony of the first activity was started on 21th, July. Over 50 runners gathered at Hengyuan Group Square at 7 a.m. and began run. The enrolled employees are over 50, Henyuan Group runners and runners from Dinghuo and Jiangdu Running Team constitute this running team.

Teachers and Students of Jiangsu Nanjing Engineering Higher Vocational School Visit Hengyuan

On July 15th, “Boost High Quality” practice team composed of teachers and students from Jiangsu Nanjing Engineering Higher Vocational School, came to Dinghuo Town, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City to conduct employment research and Chinese traditional culture publicity activities. As an enterprise representative of Dinghuo Town, Hengyuan Group warmly received the school leaders and students and made the in-depth communication and exchanges with them, which laid the foundation for future school-enterprise cooperation.
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